Published: August 2008

Health care and the 2008 presidential election

Families USA has conducted an extensive analysis of plans by presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain.

Do you wonder how Barack Obama and John McCain differ on health care, one our nation's most pressing issues? Families USA, an important national health care advocacy organization, has created a report containing the answers.

In Health Care and the 2008 Election: Comparing the Candidates' Positions on Health Care, Families USA notes, "The candidates share common ground that is worth noting. Most importantly, Senators McCain and Obama both recognize that controlling health system costs is paramount, and their plans tackle these costs in similar ways. They both promote increased access to information on the cost and quality of care, evidence based medicine, health information technology and electronic prescribing, and medical malpractice reform. In addition, both proposals stress the importance of disease prevention and management. Beyond these similarities, however, are fundamental and profound differences between the two candidates' proposals. These differences concern how health care should be organized and paid for in the United States."

Click here to read the full report.

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