Friday, January 30, 2009

Stopping Identity Theft Cover Art

Stopping Identity Theft

Author: Scott Mitic
Publisher: USA Today and Nolo Press
ASIN: 1413309569

About This Book

This book outlines 10 steps you can take to protect yourself or your family from ID theft and medical identity theft, the fastest growing crime in America.

By reading this book, you will learn what to do now to safeguard your bank accounts, online presence, credit record and more from the potential financial damage of identity theft.

An identity theft is stolen every four seconds in the U.S. The Federal Trade Commission reports that more than eight million people (a growing number of which are children) are victims of identity theft every year - with losses of more than $15 billion annually.

The book offers action-oriented advice designed to prevent identity theft:

  • Find out why shopping in stores can be more dangerous than shopping online.
  • Spot scammers, like telephone "surveyors" asking about your pet's name hoping it's the password to your online accounts.
  • Discover how to do online social networking without getting conned by a fake "friend."
  • Understand the latest identity theft tricks, like phishing, pharming, and skimming.
  • Learn why old-fashioned checks can the riskiest way to pay for something.
  • Protect yourself while traveling abroad.

Stopping Identity Theft offers a ten-step program that covers medical identity theft, the safeguarding of accounts and personal and public records, safe storage and disposal of personal information, and more - including how to be an informed identity theft victim if you should become one.

Another in the bestselling USA TODAY/Nolo series of books, Stopping Identity Theft addresses this timely topic - its past, present and future - by combining legal expertise with engaging inside tips, stories and graphics.

About the Author

Scott Mitic is the founder and CEO of TrustedID, a leader in identity theft prevention. Mitic was Vice President of Sales & Business Development at Fair Isaac's consumer division, myFICO, where, during his tenure, he helped consumers access and manage their FICO score, an indicator of consumer credit worthiness.




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