• Jubilados que emigran deben pensar bien lo que hacen. El mundo está lleno de paraísos tropicales y de otros sitios exóticos donde una pareja puede vivir bien con 2.000 dólares al mes o menos. Además, una buena atención médica puede costar mucho menos que…
  • Consumer Reports tests best sunscreens. "In our sunscreen tests, we found that many sunscreens don't meet the SPF level printed on the package. So Consumer Reports recommends buying a chemical sunscreen with an SPF 40 or higher," said Susan Booth,…
  • Now hiring, for a one-day job: the gig economy hits retail. Labor experts say companies that hire for one-day jobs, like Snag Work, could set a dangerous precedent. Employers are already wary of hiring full-time employees because of overtime and health-care costs, they say, and having…
  • Mick Mulvaney is not fit to lead the CFPB. It is time for President Trump to appoint a qualified, permanent and ethical leader for the CFPB. Mick Mulvaney should step down so that can happen. And if he refuses to do so, Trump should…
  • Gig economy dealt a blow in California ruling. In a ruling with potentially sweeping consequences for the so-called gig economy, the California Supreme Court on Monday made it much more difficult for companies to classify workers as independent contractors rather than employers.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - May 2018. This month's INSIDER brings you articles on our work to highlight missing mandatory signs at optometrists' offices in California; the results of a survey of our network partners about our consumer educational materials; our train-the-trainer event on job training and apprenticeship programs; and a new financial health pilot we're working on, among other news. Hotline Chronicles tells the story of the hasty repossession of a woman's deceased dad's car and we have a crop of "coalition efforts" and some interesting new lawsuit settlements from our Class Action Database.


  • Consumer Action organized the Sharing Economy Insurance Roundtable in Los Angeles (Chinese). 非營利組織全美消費者行動(Consumer Action )26日在洛杉磯舉辦「共享經濟」下基本稅務知識社區講座,參與者來自多個族裔社區包括華埠服務中心。愈來愈多在美消費者接受新型共享經濟社會形態,比如Airbnb、Uber以及TaskRabbit等,如何在共享經濟平台下,讓自己更「保險」、更合法。
  • Where the $1 billion from the Wells Fargo settlement goes. Wells Fargo bank will pay $1 billion in civil penalties and compensate hundreds of thousands of victims of its abusive lending practices, according to settlements by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Office of…
  • Homeownership gap between blacks and whites unchanged. The affordability of homeownership depends on income, the price of homes and interest rates, but a recent study by Zillow, an online real estate site, found income inequality among races affects homeownership rates. Despite 50…
  • How to protect your children from identity theft. When identity theft hits adults, it can be a long and frustrating battle to restore their good name. But imagine the confusion that ensues when a young adult tries to get a credit card for the…

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