Recommended Publications

Consumer Action would like to recommend these selected publications created by other organizations, corporations and the government. Our recommendations cover a variety of housing topics. The Editor welcomes your feedback and suggestions. Click here to e-mail the editor.

Patient’s Guide to HIPAA Cover Art Patient’s Guide to HIPAA. This guide explains how you can use the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect your medical privacy.

2016 Car Insurance & Credit Scores Report by WalletHub Cover Art 2016 Car Insurance & Credit Scores Report by WalletHub. The WalletHub study gives us information on the connection between credit scores and car insurance.

I.I.I. Toolkit Cover Art I.I.I. Toolkit. This three-tool suite of apps from the Insurance Information Institute helps you prepare your family for a disaster, guides you through choosing the right types and amounts of insurance coverage and enables you to keep an up-to-date electronic record of your belongings.

Filing a health information privacy complaint Cover Art Filing a health information privacy complaint. You have the right to file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) for violations of your medical privacy.

Health insurance 'Premiums vs Paychecks' Cover Art Health insurance 'Premiums vs Paychecks'. Throughout the first eight years of the new millennium, health care costs have skyrocketed, while working families’ wages have stood still.

The Crime You Pay For Cover Art The Crime You Pay For. A brochure outlining how insurance fraud scams hurt everyone.

Your Home Inventory Cover Art Your Home Inventory. You never know when a disaster may strike—but you can be prepared with a home inventory.

9 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs Cover Art 9 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs. A publication listing ways to save on auto insurance.

Your insured deposits Cover Art Your insured deposits. This guide describes the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's rules for insurance coverage of bank and savings association deposits.

Long term insurance: What you should know Cover Art Long term insurance: What you should know. As life expectancy continues to rise, more and more Americans between 40 and 84, especially those in their mid 50s, are purchasing long–term care insurance.

Long-Term Disability Income Insurance Cover Art Long-Term Disability Income Insurance. Long-term disability income insurance helps you pay living expenses while you are unable to work.


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